Best Selling Author on Grief and Narcissism Expert guidance, healing exercises and experience from others who have lost a parent Theresa Jackson lost her father inand has since put together useful clinical and healing resources for others in the same position, to help them recover With an Masters degree in clinical research, Theresa has combined the latest theories and practices on loss, with effective meditations and exercises so that you can honor and remember your lost parent, all the while processing your grief in a healthy way Sharing hers and others personal journeys of coming to terms with the loss of a parent, she hopes to help bereaved adult children on their healing journeys Loss of a Parent, Adult Grief when Parents Die combines a personal approach with expert guidance and informed grief exercises, to make readers feel less alone and informed about what they might experience next Loss of a Parent will help you to Feel less isolated in your grief, by reading the stories of how other people felt, and how they dealt with their lossUnderstand that it s okay to have confusing or unexpected thoughts and emotions, that people react differently to losing a parent, and that you are most likely normal in how you re feelingGain some context by learning about thestages of grief, which stage you might be in currently, and get an idea about what you might experience nextUnderstand how complicated or prolonged grief is common, and gain insight into how to try and move onGuided exercises will help you work through your grief in a healthy wayOther people are saying This is such a good book for this difficult time When my father passed away even though we had some indication of his declining health nothing could really prepare m for the tsunami of feelings I belonged to a church and they were supportive but there was very little reading material at hand and this book would have been a valuable aid to help me understand or anticipate the effects of bereavement I bought this book after recently losing my mum It is a very easy book to read and understand I found that I could relate to both the experiences of the author and other case studies easily and it made me feel less alone at a very difficult time The book addresses all the little issues practical and emotional that you may not be able to talk to others about I can relate to the Theresa s story, as well as the other stories recounted in the book I still have feelings about my father s death that I need to process, and with my father s birthday coming up, I need a book like this one to help guide me Even in the best of families conflict can tear the fabric of the family apart and I appreciated the guidance Without giving too much away The author s writing was clear and helpful It felt as if I was getting guidance from a friend and appreciate this book Thank you Get your copy today

11 thoughts on “Loss of a Parent: Adult Grief When Parents Die

  1. Miss Tabitha B. Lamont Miss Tabitha B. Lamont says:

    After losing my mum 5 weeks ago I needed some guidance to help me with my grief Outside of grief I am normally a busy get out there and do it kind of person and my grief has changed my whole personality This book has taught me my grief will come in waves an how you feel, joy, anger, sorrow what ever it may be They are all okay to feel and just go with the emotions The book has put in into words how I feel about losing my mum, I feel like a lost child.

  2. Lisa G. Lisa G. says:

    This book is incredibly helpful It gives you a sense of peacefulness and acceptance above everything else, but also has so much useful information, tips, advice I would highly recommend this It s easy to read and it s tone is perfectly pitched for such a sensitive subject It helps you to deal with the feelings you have and does it in a clear and practical way Really good.

  3. Angela Angela says:

    If just lost my mum and felt lost and alone although I have brothers and sisters I looked after my mum and was with her right to the very end Life is hard trying to move on I have started counselling.

  4. K. K. says:

    As someone going through the process of having a parent with terminal cancer, this book has been an excellent starting point in learning how to manage and experience grief While it could have been in depth, the brevity of the book and the personal stories shared meant that it was a quick, easy and informative read I m hoping that I can utilise what I ve read now to help my younger brothers, one of whom is much guarded about his feelings.

  5. Madeleine Madeleine says:

    This book is easy to read, and outlines in a very positive way the ways in which we can respond to grief and bereavement What I found most comforting was the fact that it outlines that however we respond, it is normal, and chances are someone else has reacted in a similar way to us It helps remove the isolation that grief can bring, and also gives an indication as to how those around us may be coping with the loss of a loved one too.I found this a little too basic at points, but I still think it s a really good resource for those who have lost a parent and are trying to navigate how life changes afterwards.

  6. pozmatt pozmatt says:

    A good and helpful book I would say, it s rather practical than insideful I would recommend it to anyone who is dealing with grief.

  7. Mikala Mikala says:

    I wasn t expecting the book to be so short That is my fault for not reading the description properly I took away a few helpful messages which comforted me.

  8. Kenny88 Kenny88 says:

    Recently bereaved I thought I d try something to read in the first instance This book is ok and you will find practical advise But it could have gone deeper.

  9. Keri McCaffrey Keri McCaffrey says:

    Wow I found this book a couple days ago, and it has been incredibly helpful I have been trying to heal myself, and finding this was really a god send for me When I got to the part of the goodbye letter it was so hard at first, but having filled it out I feel much better, and like a weight has been released off my chest I hope I don t have to recommend this to someone, but if they lost their parent I definitely would.

  10. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    My dad died in June and this book was a real lifeline for me As an only child, I had no support system at all my mother shut herself in her room and wouldn t bear the burden with me.

  11. Af F. Af F. says:

    After my mom died, which hasn t been 2 months yet, I had my Bible to read and I even had lots of devotionals about it But I wanted to find something longer, so I looked for a book length book obviously, my mind is sharp as a rusty nail I didn t find anything that was Christian oriented, but I came across this, and read reviews I m not completely done yet, but it s been helpful The author says that she isn t religious but she describes how she thinks that her dad can hear her when she talks to him, which she does often I don t mean that to criticize her just saying a couple of things people might want to know Something that is really good about it is that other people s experiences are also shared as well It s set up like, as she talks about a certain topic, she uses someone s story and often some of her own to give examples of this or that aspect of grief, or something that may or may not be something that everyone experiences Anyone can read this someone who wants to be there for a friend whose parent s has have died, or if you have a sick parent and even if you don t But you can t really prepare yourself for this I m grateful for the book it s not really long, but reading her story and others helped me feel like I m not alone I m trying to get over some health problems I had before my mother was dying I ve not been able to go anywhere much I disagree with something she said about a person who dies suddenly vs one who s sick for a long time They re definitely different, but there s shock and grief no matter what I do recommend this book I don t recall any swearing or anything like that I was originally looking at one book and it got rave reviews, but I like to know about the ones that aren t great reviews That s how I found out that the author used swearing quite a bit, repeating one particular word over and over I m glad that reviewer included that information If you have any questions, don t hesitate to ask.