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In this artful, cerebral novel spanning four decades and encompassing the tribal conventions and counterculture movements of the 70’s and 80’s, the reader is plunged into a cunning world of philosophy and hedonism that is best described as baroque rawness or starknaked grandiloquence If these terms appear to be incompatible pairings, the reader will grasp the seeming polarity as axiomatic soon after feasting on Edie Meidav’s complex narrative style A carnal vapor infuses every provocative page of this unorthodox psychological crime thriller Contrary to the suggestive cover, title, and product description, this will not appeal to fans of chick lit or genre suspense thrillers This isin tune with Martin Amis or Salman Rushdie, with a peppering of TC Boyle and Dan Chaon Muscular, sweatproducing, and erudite, the satisfaction of reading these pages rests on the reader’s consent to capitulate control of predetermined ideas and conceptions and enter into a contract with the author, giving Meidav permission and authority to rule the aesthetic jurisdiction, and to accede to the flow, command, and demand of its prose.The eponymous title refers to Lana Mahler and her best friend, Rose, who meet as teenagers and form a bond that graduates from symbiotic to alpha/supplicant (Lana as alpha) They call themselves Lola One and Lola Two Lana’s parents are both esteemed academics; her father, Vic, is a neuroscientist cum philosopher of the counterculture variety, and has his own willing supplicants known as “shaggies.” Lana’s mother is an ethnologist/feminist who has garnered popular fame As noted, the novel takes place primarily in California, with an emphasis on the analysis of California lifestyles and attitudes, particularly the freethinking Berkeley Lana and Rose parted ways many years ago, but the psychodynamics of their early relationship continues to haunt both of them.The book opens in 2008 in a California penitentiary Vic Mahler is on death row, with an execution date less than two weeks away The author takes us into Mahler’s mind, which gravitates from hearty to hallucinogenic We learn that he hasn’t seen his daughter in twenty years, but that Rose has been writing him letters and offering her assistance as an attorney Juxtaposed with the prison opening, the story takes us to Lana, who is on her way to a desert spa with her latest boyfriend and her twin boys, a place right out of Boyle’s ROAD TO WELLVILLE Rosa is on the verge of tracing Lana down after a twentyyear separation.The disclosure of Vic’s crime and fate, as well as the unveiling of the Mahler family and Rose, is gradually revealed by positioning each character in alternating chapters They examine their lives, past and present, and dissect each other, so that the reader is shown each character through various lenses that eventually coalesce into a prism of overlapping and juxtaposed realities Like Chaon’s AWAIT YOUR REPLY, the narrative unfolds with an intricate opacity toward transparency Meidav has a knack for shocking the reader at intervals, like the best thrillers do Just as the Lolas once worked as striptease dancers together, the author unveils surprises in increments like a striptease act for the reader Lana and Rose are the locus of the novel, and the narrative forms a mosaic or tapestry of several dialogues and narratives between them and their relationship with the external world, much like Rushdie’s MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN is a tapestry of texts and collage of languages that form a unity of what is virtual and what is real There is a constant flux between the Lolas, and a tension between what is true and what is illusive, what is implied and what is extant.It took me about one hundred pages to relax into Meidav’s style, the wraparound sentences and esoterica of neuroscience and philosophy, the limbic arousal and dourness of Martin Amis.“…people’s faces work to hold up new veils by the minute: the alltime favorite is dignity, as is the visage of sextranscending enlightenment, a new kind of spiritual chastity armature.”Meidav's barebones plota crime, a perpetrator, and a fateare less important than the characters that inhabit this dystopia of false and renegade idols Nature, the pliable state of consciousness, and the desire to reclaim the credo of youth and supple confidence, is the plaintive hope and recursive doctrine here We are all disciples of the mind; we are prisoners of our bodies. Last summer I fell in love with a wordy piece of comingofage fiction starring an emotionally mute young woman and a doomed love affair with an older, evenemotionally mute man, a boxer Thinking about that book now I just see long, hot weekends on our deck with a glass of water with all of my outdoor reading accessories in a pile next to the lounge chair I’d read Stop Look at the cover Flip back to pages where I’d folded a corner and reread It took forever to get through and, uncharacteristically, that’s what I wanted To never finish “Anthropology of an American Girl.” It totally fit this sort of inspired, albeit unfocused fit I was having I sometimes wonder if I’d still fivestar it if I’d read it in, say, November This past month I fell into a similar relationship with “Lola, California” by Edie Meidav, this massive mix of a lot and not enough Rose and Lana are best friends in that way teenaged girls are best friends Barely distinguishable, two personalities pooled into one that they call Lola after the song, of course At night they roam the streets of Berkeley, inventing false back stories and torturing frat boys They have this impenetrableness literally and figuratively because they are always together By day, whether they like it or not, they are under the tutelage of Lana’s guru father Vic Mahler, who probes them with questions and then probes their answers He has legions of fans and followers who sometimes camp in the Mahler’s front yard This decadejumping story reveals early that Mahler is in his final days on death row, but also sick with brain cancer He is tended to by an emphatic jailer who provides human contact He mostly wants to see his daughter while it’s his daughter’s friend, who is now a lawyer, who wants to see him The Lolas haven’t seen each other for two decades Not since the two were living together in New York City, a tandem act at a strip club, and Lana saw on the news that her dad had done the thing that landed him in lock up What he did and whether he is guilty is not necessarily a secret, but it’s only eluded to until late in the story Rose reconnects, not necessarily by chance, with her old friend at a spa near the prison Lana is living onsite as the girlfriend of a former Mahler follower who is trying his own hand at influencing packs of people She is with her twin sons from a previous relationship that ended in suicide This book is dense, word and concept heavy The plot just seems to be a place where Meidav has parked so she can make deliciously descriptive and slow meandering sentences She’s like a super skilled Frisbee player: The venue doesn’t matter The years later portrait of the former friends has its surprises Rose has been consistent in her sort of almost infatuation with Lana And Lana has spent the years regularly reinventing herself unable to do anything about what is at her core trying to avoid association with the Mahler name Vic Mahler is a humbled version of himself, the last bounces of an ego with an air leak Unfortunately, I made the mistake of reading this one on Kindle This is one of those books you want to flip pages on and fan yourself Carry it around and touch the cover But since I just have inklike dot words that have been beamed down to the page from the sky, it feels like reading it was a mirage I don’t own the book anythan I own a song that gets stuck in my head Rookie error. Consider this sentence from Lola, California: Confused, unable to practice her contrarian religion, seeking a tribe, Lana will therefore bed odd men: the underwear model whose career was sidelined when a car accident fractured his knee so that some strange bone sticks out like a knob from the middle of his shin, her bedmate before the bisexual temp but after the limo driver, before the famous bachelor Italian film director but after the millionaire with his steam bath and walnuts, only simultaneous with the hiphop boy who assists the fading disco queen, right before the handlebarmustached plastic surgeon who claims to have invented liposuction.Lola is like that throughout Populated with characters stricken with alien afflictions, lumpy emotional growths you go out of your way not to gawk at, making them all theobvious Sinuous, silky prose A sense of time sensing that time doesn't matter and simultaneously meaning everything There's a traditional story in here, with a beginning, a middle, and an end, but trace its thread at your peril, for in the Lola universe time expands and collapses and loops back on itself like some kind of abstract tatted lace newly invented In Lola it's not the unwinding of the narrative that matters so much as the way memory winds narrative up in the first place There's murder in here and rape and madness and theft and deception beyond the pale You'll find a trace of Alice Munro andthan a little Denis Johnson But newly made, altogether fresh And Walt Whitman And Jesus, of all people There is not one single construction or trope in this novel that stands for or means only one thing Everything is multiplicitous Even the title, at first looking like a place name (and it is, just one that exists only in imagination and as an ethereal construct at that), is also a twoitem list, the list itself suggesting a long line of members The title could just as easily have been: Lola, California, Family, Madness, Celebrity., with its trailing ellipsis fading off infinitely, growing softer and everandbeyond reach.But above all is the language, a special diction one suspects Meidav invented for this one single purpose Other reviewers have noted that Meidav's style took them some time to get used to But in my view, it's not a matter of getting used to it, it's a question of letting it in After about 40 pages I had to set the book aside for a few hours, so out of my comfort zone did it take me But when I came back and reread those 40 pages, I couldn't for the life of me find what had so disconcerted me I had caught up to this altogether poetic narrative form and together we raced to the end Finally, Lola poses its own overwhelming question, pervading every subtext: Does the stubble appearing on the cheek as the light of dawn exposes what was heretofore in the dark, does that stubble invalidate the sensuality of the allnight dance? Sly author that she is and respecting her readers, Meidav doesn't give us her answer, for doing so would pour sand into the gears of her frictionless duplicity and ruin everything.