Chosen As One Of The New York Times Best Illustrated Children S Books Little Red Riding Hood Meets A Wolf On Her Way Through The Woods To Visit Her Sick Grandmother The Wolf Is Hungry, And Red Riding Hood Looks Tasty, So He Hatches A Dastardly Plan, Gobbles Up Grandma And Lies In Wait So Far, So Familiar But This Little Red Riding Hood Is Not Easily Fooled, And This Big Bad Wolf Better Watch His Back In This Defiant Interpretation Of The Traditional Tale, The Cheeky, Brave Little Girl Seizes Control Of Her Own Story And The Wolf Gets Rather Than He Bargained For The Perfect Gift For Fans Of Darker Fairy Tales, Complete With Tree Shaped Cover Flaps That Make This A Sumptuous Sight To Behold Printed Using Rich Pantone Colours, The Graphic Illustrations In Little Red Offer A Bold, Visually Arresting Interpretation Of The Classic Story By Bethan Woollvin, The Winner Of The Macmillan Prize For Illustration

5 thoughts on “Little Red

  1. Kathryn Lippincott Kathryn Lippincott says:

    Death of grandma is pretty graphic word wise Author makes clear in drawing she is being killed yes I know how the fable goes, duh Unfortunately, I purchased for kg 1st grade kids who were learning to read Fortunately, I read the book and did NOT give it to them as they had lost their only grandfather to an accident the year before My own young kids and much older nieces thought the illustrated red black pictures were gruesome Probably because of the insinuation that LRRH kills the wolf with an ax, skins him and wears his fur home All in all a book that lacks a storyteller s imagination VERY few words in the book after all and the illustrations just suck.

  2. On Books On Books says:

    I brought this book with me on a road trip with my four year old granddaughter and she could not get enough of it I read it to her a few times and she read it back to me She loved that Little Red defended herself from the wolf The adult figures are barely visible mother in the door way, grandma in the wolf s belly, the hunter nowhere in sight But there is an ax conveniently located I am a Little Red Riding Hood collector who owns 70 or editions of the book in English and other languages This is definitely one of my favorites.

  3. Helen Helen says:

    The cover sold me on this book The illustrations are bold, graphic, and modern just like this interpretation of the classic story My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed this book and we both laughed when Little Red was seen walking along in her new wolf fur coat at the end It was a rather unexpected little twist.When I was a child it always bothered me that just putting on Grandma s clothes was good enough to disguise the wolf I love that in this interpretation it is clear that Little Red is neither fooled nor afraid She is bold like her picture on the cover

  4. Jordan Jennings Jordan Jennings says:

    My 2 year old loves this book, and gets upset when we put a limit on how many times we will read it to her in a row She excitedly points out there s the wolf and is not too terribly concerned that grandma is eaten by the wolf I love that it has the message of don t be afraid, make a plan without skittering too far away from the darkness of the original fairy tale.

  5. Jessica Ochoa Jessica Ochoa says:

    I love this twist on the classic The basic of the story is pretty much the same The part that I absolutely loved is that the power was given to the girl to save herself She didn t need to wait for a woodsman to come and save her She was clever and brave and took care of that wolf all on her own.