This important book artfully expands access to the powerfully beneficial ketogenic diet Shifting the bodys fuel from sugar to fat is immensely powerful and clearly optimizes health Ketotarianpresents a user friendly, actionable plan so that everyone can embrace and implement this exciting and leading edge science David Perlmutter, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Grain Brain and The Grain Brain Whole Life PlanThe Ketotarian way of eating takes the best of ketogenic diets and the best of vegan diets to create a plan that is excellent for your mitochondria and your microbiome both of which are critical for a healthy brain A must have for anyone wanting to try a ketogenic diet Terry Wahls, MD, IFMCP, author of The Wahls Protocol Dr Will Cole brings his years of clinical experience to the table with this great new book Ketogenic diets are often considered meat based, but there are many plant based options as well This book brings a fantastic, fresh perspective to light Jason Fung, MD, author of The Obesity Code I trust Dr Will Cole whenever I have any client who needs a functional medicine perspective for their health issues His deep knowledge and experience for all things wellness is unparalleled Ketotarian brings a plant based and ketogenic diet together beautifully It is sure to be an essential for healthy living Kelly LeVeque, celebrity nutritionist and authorof Body Love The science developing around Keto is exciting, so having someone as knowledgeable as Will write Ketotarian is essential for embracing keto in a plant based way Jason Wachob, founder and CEO of mindbodygreen and author of Wellth It is always one genius or another who creates new ways of combining ideas to make them evenpowerful, and thereforehelpfulThis time Dr Will Cole has done it with Ketotarian, which I predict will power a movement I am jealous that I didnt think of it first, but so happy that such a brilliant mind, andimportantly, such a great doctor has done it and now will be available to everyones benefit Alejandro Junger, MD, New York Times bestselling author of Clean Gut and Clean Eats Dr Will Cole has done the ketogenic diet the right way This fresh, new spin on the keto diet is a great way to take your health to the next level By combining the best of a plant based diet and the best of the ketogenic diet, Ketotarian is both healing and delicious Josh Axe, DNM, DC, CNS, author of Eat Dirt This book is a game changer If you want to know how to do a ketogenic diet and a plant based diet the right way, look no further Frank Lipman, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The New Health Rules Dr Will Cole s Ketotarian is hands down the best way for anyone to go plant based All the food you need to eat is easily laid out for maximum nutrition and maximum healing nosecond guessing It will be everything you need andLauren Scruggs Kennedy, author, lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur For years, I struggled to find a way to feel balanced and healthy Dr Will Cole played a huge role in helping me find a way to re boot my system and make me feel strong again, whether at home or on the road Now, Im back to feeling empowered and in control of my body, and I know that is in part because of the way Dr Cole guided me down the path toward daily optimal health Kathryn Budig, international yoga teacher and author of Aim True Having been a vegan or vegaquarianforthanyears, I understand the true challenges of conscious eating and practical life Ketotarian offers a simple healthful approach, grounded in credible science, to help you thrive and achieve optimal wellnessI mhugely grateful that Dr Will Cole is leading this paradigm shift for humanity and the planet Christopher Gavigan, co founder of The Honest Company and author of Healthy Child Healthy World Will Cole is one of the most knowledgeable functional medicine experts I ve had the pleasure of working with For those looking to experience big changes without any sense of deprivation, this book is a must read Liz Moody, author of Glow Pops and senior food editor at mindbodygreen Dr Will Cole shows us how to invest in ourselves thru proper diet and nutrition After all, health is wealth What a beautiful way to take care of our future today Kelly Rutherford, actressDr Cole is a thought leader in whole person health and someone I respect and learn from The combination of plants and fasting represents the solution to the health crisis in the Western world This book teaches that less is , and we should all follow suit Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, author of The Plant Based Solution Dr Cole s new book is highly informative, yet easy to understand when it comes to what we should be eating and how to combat issues you might be facing It s very important for my clients to know the why behind how certain foods can affect them, and I believe this book gives great insight into solving some of those unanswered questions Nikki Sharp, wellness expert and author of TheDay Real Food DetoxA new twist on keto The fat burning power of ketogenic eating meets the clean green benefits of a plant centric plateThe keto craze is just getting warmed up The ketogenic diet kick starts your body s metabolism so it burns fat, instead of sugar, as its primary fuel But most ketogenic plans are meat and dairy heavy, creating a host of other problems, especially for those who prefer plants at the center of the plate Dr Will Cole comes to the rescue with Ketotarian, which has all the fat burning benefits without the antibiotics and hormones that are packed into most keto diets First developed for individuals suffering from seizures, keto diets have been shown to reduce inflammation and lower the risk of many chronic health problems including Alzheimer s and some cancers Adding a plant based twist, Ketotarian includesthanrecipes that are vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian, offering a range of delicious and healthy choices for achieving weight loss, renewed health, robust energy, and better brain functionPacked with expert tips, tricks, and advice for going and staying Ketotarian, including managing macronutrients, balancing electrolytes, and finding your carb sweet spot, this best of both worlds program is a game changer for anyone who wants to tame inflammation and achieve peak physical and mental performance Let the Ketotarian revolution begin