An interesting model for how defenses against emotion can lead to depression Useful if the cause of your negative emotions is in the past, or if you have any positive emotions available to feel now If your life is unhappy and you have no cause or outlet for positive emotion, then it s not much use Worth a look though. Would recommend the book to anyone Found this purely by accident and the title intrigued me Read it over a weekend and plan to read it again I thought the techniques wouldn t work but tried them with an open mind and they did work, and I ll be repeating these as required. Essential life skills for all of us Compassionate, clear and accessible So glad I found this Readable and accessible Highly recommend. Excellent and fast delivery Bought this one for a friend after I read it Really really helpful if you think you re depressed Try it. I have read some books in last one year on the topics of depression, emotional issues, trauma etc for my own healing This book has brought together most of that information in a very relevant way The author has been able to put together so much important and relevant information and present it in such a beautiful way The author is both compassionate and wise in her words. American Book Fest Best Health Book Mental Health Psychology Award Winner Cutting edge and accessible psychotherapy to put us back in touch with our emotions and fast I loved it I have drawn my own picture of the change triangle both fascinating and useful Cathy RentzenbrinkWe were all taught that our thoughts affect our emotions, but in truth it is largely the other way around we have to experience our emotions to truly understand our thoughts, and our full selves This is why we should think not only about cognitive behavioural therapy or medication, but also about our emotions, when addressing psychological suffering In It s Not Always Depression, pioneering psychotherapist Hilary Jacobs Hendel reveals the most effective techniques for putting us back in touch with the emotions we too often deny methods which can be used by anyone, any time, anywhere Drawing on stories from her own practice, she sheds light on the core emotions such as joy, sadness and fear , defences anything we do to avoid feeling and inhibitory emotions anxiety, shame and guilt , and how understanding their interaction can help us return to mental well beingThis is the basis of accelerated experiential dynamic psychotherapy it accelerates healing through having an emotional experience in the here and now It allows you to reacquaint yourself with your feelings, to recover a authentic self and to be calm, curious and connectedWinner of Nautilus Silver for Personal Growth Books This is such a great book, easy to read, with stories and backed up with scientific research It is a right brained approach and therefore leads to better results The Change Triangle is such a great tool to work with Everybody who has suffered from Childhood Trauma should read this book It has helped me connect many missing links and understand so much.