As a nutrition professional, I think it s a decent read for most members of the public Unfortunately, many typos and some inaccuracies will prevent me from recommending this book to my clients patients Did not learn a lot from this book, however I do read a lot in New Scientist about nutrition so maybe that is why However my main gripe is that the last 40% of the book is the Appendix which is impossible to read on a kindle I have been following the work of Rosie Saunt and Helen West for a while and was so excited to learn they were writing a book It is a brilliant concise debut combating the myths and delivering the facts in an informative and engaging way It is so refreshing to see this in a world that is now full of fads I can t recommend it highly. Is Butter a Carb is the optimal nutri clarity Bible Rosie and Helen write beautifully, it s insightful and entertaining Great for anyone interested in nutrition, anyone in fear of food, anyone confused about what the best diet is Facts not fiction fads Fightthefads By far the best myth busting nutrition book out there Super digestible information with great drawings You can easily dip in and out of it and I ve found myself bookmarking nearly every chapter Could not recommend this book Nutrition is a minefield I stopped counting the number of fad diets and badly written books with obscure health claims Everybody has an opinion and whatever you consider relevant, you will find a book by a so called expert who confirms your view Is butter is a carb stands out from the crowd, being delightfully different.It is based on science, properly researched and actually really entertaining As a Nutritionist myself, I was intrigued I will always refer to science in my work and never was I so pleased NOT to learn anything new from a book Helen West and Rosie Saunt are registered dieticians who know their work inside and out.If you read only one book about nutrition, read this one What a great book Read it cover to cover in 2 days and found it full of really useful info If you buy one book like this, make it this one. A very well explanation in a simplified manner of the modern and overall misconceptions and myths of diets and food habits.I recommend this to all out there. Disappointed with the level the book was pitched at Some of the revelations were really ridiculous see the organic comment in an another reviewer Why bother spending a few pages dismissing the placenta diet who actually follows that, seriously , then skate over or omit completely some far mainstream diets It purports to encourage scientific, neutral analysis of evidence, yet the reference to the Ancel Keys research made no mention whatsoever of the controversy behind his potential cherry picking.There are much better books out there for example The Diet Myth by Tim Spector and The Gut by Giulia Enders If like me you ve already read these two then I doubt you ll get anything other than annoyed by reading this. The ultimate myth busting nutrition bibleRegistered dietitians Rosie Saunt and Helen West are the founders of The Rooted Project, set up to translate the latest research direct to your plate, and make evidence based nutrition accessible and engagingIn this book, they explore everything from the danger of anecdotal evidence and unsubstantiated facts about food to the real science behind the nutrients we consume every day They explain why there s nothing to be feared from fat or carbs, or for the vast majority of us the much maligned gluten, as well as probing the murky depths of the diet industry to explore the latest links between diet culture and weight stigma They take a deep dive into gut health, look at the emerging science of the connection between food and mood and examine differences between allergies and intolerancesThis book is both a reference guide and a narrative to relish it debunks the myths that dominate the food and wellness industry and offers the right tools and knowledge to allow readers to take control of their own health Evidence based, body positive and practical, Is Butter a Carb is the modern must have nutrition book for everybody interested in food, health and pop science