No horseowner, loaner or sharer should be without a good veterinary manual on their bookshelf, to improve their knowledge of horse health and to turn in an emergencyy A heftypages, this book has a fairly comprehensive coverage of illnesses and injuries, and includes a handy glossary explaining a number of veterinary terms The encyclopedia should provide you with all you need to know, although written and published in the US, some of the terminology may be confusing eg windfalls are referred to as windpuffs , and I hope I ll never need to refer to the section for treating rattlesnake bites Illustrations and images are in black and white, which don t offer as much detail as those veterinary manuals which have colour pictures, but this could be a major benefit for those who are squeamish about the gory details Horse Magazine April The highly acclaimed reference on equine medical treatment and preventive care It takesthan horse sense to maintain a healthy horse, a knowledge of veterinary medicine is essential, not only for when emergencies occur but to provide the animal with a safe and nurturing environment that will prevent as many problems as possible Acclaimed when first published inand now available for the first time in paperback, HORSEMAN S VETERINARY ENCYCLOPEDIA offers a comprehensive approach to equine health, discussing diseases, unsoundness, and other problems according to the parts of the horse s body injuries and lameness foot and hoof care parasites skin and coat care colic and other sicknesses dental care and the respiratory, circulatory, and reproductive systems As a practical handbook for the owner and as a guide to working with the veterinarian and farrier, HORSEMAN S VETERINARY ENCYCLOPEDIA is an indispensable tool for every home, barn, and ranch