Good book beautiful condition This is my second copy of this book, now I can lend it out easily as I keep my own. This is a book we have used regularly and I have just bought another for my parents It is great for giving a basic overview of each medicine, but also has a matrix of symptoms at the back stomach ache, head ache, pain etc which you use to eliminate medicines and refine what you take Really helpful when things look quite similar or you are not very confident trying new things Very clear. This book gives a great introduction to Homeopathy It gives everything from the theory and philosophy in easy to read and understand language to the history of this fascinating subject There is a full page dedicated to each of the 80 most useful remedies Lots of great photos and illustrations throughout There is a section at the back to help you find the right remedy to help your ailments, the natural way to get yourself back to good health This book will be interesting and useful whether you have a slight interest in Homeopathy or extensive knowledge. Very clear, comprehensive, fascinating guide to the use of homeopathy the safest, surest way to treat minor and acute ailments in a manner that promotes healing and does not traumatize, ever Highly recommended. Great condition This is a great reference book for the beginner or family homeopath It makes a great coffee table book as it s full of beautiful large color pictures and large easy to read text Includes charts on repertory also. An illustrated guide to the theory and practice of homoeopathy The book describes many common ailments that can be treated at home, and the treatments that can be used The topics covered include first aid, childhood illness and travel sickness We picked this book up at a library sale while living in Scotland What an amazing find The book has charts in the back that help you select your remedy The charts are amazing We have had a huge amount of success with homeopathy and I attribute it the charts in this book Highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in treating their family with homeopathy This illustrated book is so beautiful