Before I begin, I ought to say that even though I was abandoned as a baby on a mountainside and brought up by a she wolf, before becoming a deckhand, jumping ship in Macau and getting stabbed in the waterfront area which can be very painful in a fight over the last green Fruit Pastille, I am not going to tell you that story There is no mention of my time as a lumberjack, and my career as a double agent remains a closed book Anyway, this is the much exciting story of how I, Ronald Balfour Corbett, the son of a baker in Edinburgh, became convinced that I had to become an actor It is the story of how I pursued that goal and eventually achieved it, along the way finding fame as one of the Two Ronnies, and encountering an extraordinary cast of characters Ronnie Corbett

10 thoughts on “High Hopes

  1. Dennis Rutzou Dennis Rutzou says:

    This is required reading for all Ronnie Corbett and Two Ronnies fans I qualify on both counts and enjoyed every page and learned a few things as well For example, I didn t realise he was such a golf fanatic and that he had served such a long apprenticeship on the boards before he was given his big break on TV by David Frost I will be quoting some of the one liners for all time my wife is already sick of them so clearly I need to get outoften.

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    was a nice read but I do get bit bored when there very descriptive of places, people, rather than what actually went on.

  3. CWHulme CWHulme says:

    M rd

  4. Paul Whitla Paul Whitla says:

    Sadly not really very funny Nothing controversial and nothing to get too excited about Main thing was how he didn t really see himself and Ronnie Barker as a double act, just two friends who worked together.