Are you ready to experience the healing powers of medicinal herbs Are you looking forward to creating a custom herbal first aid kit and using your own, homemade herbal remedies Then download today to learn howHerbal Medicine First Aid Kit The Complete Guide To First Aid Treatment Using Medicinal Plants and Natural Herbal Remedies I know first hand the powers of medicinal herbs when treating cuts, scrapes, bruises and a host of other first aid injuries and illnesses As a practicing herbalist for over fifteen years, I have embraced herbal remedies and made them an integral part of first aid treatment in my home, at work, while traveling, or even in the carYou too can start using herbs for first aid today with this detailed guide to medicinal plants and how to make your own herbal first aid kit Youll discover the many ways that herbal remedies can work wonders on first aid predicaments from wasp bites to cold sores to poison ivy With this detailed guide and easy to follow directions, you will be able to make and use herbal remedies for almost any first aid situationIll walk you step by step as you learn how to customize your own first aid kit using handmade or store bought if you prefer herbal remedies Youll find out how to unleash the power of medicinal herbs using tinctures, liniments, salves, infused oils, teas, poultices, compresses and capsules, and learn the fundamentals of using essential oils for first aid Youll find recipes and detailed instructions on how to make and use herbal first aid products including Kloss LinimentSkullcap Tincture Headache Tincture Herbal Tea Bag Compress Powerful Root Decoctions Burn SalveSun Infused St Johns Wort OilComfrey Wound PoulticeHerbal Rabies CapsulesBecome familiar with powerful first aid herbs like GentianEucalyptusPlantainPleurisy RootRosemary Essential OilCayenneMyrrhand dozensRead this book for FREE on Kindle Unlimited Download Now

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