easy to understand This book is very helpful if you are interested in healing naturally There is a wealth of knowledge and a story on how he learned about the powers of healing through food He also gives information about how the food was used in past histories for instance, he gives several examples that I saw of food juices used in WWII and why they were no longer used after that most are because medications for the issue became easily available All around, I have poured over the pages and started using many of his recipes. This book was recommended to me so I didn t check it out before purchasing The author relies on a lot of non scientific mumbo jumbo Had I known this I wouldn t have purchased the book There are a number of good juicing recipes in the book so I still gave it three stars. I really love this book It is informative, easy to read and follow, has detailed information and is very helpful It is the best juicing book I have read, as far as information is concerned I have not tried the recipes yet, but have shared it with some other people who also feel it is a great book. Great book Great description of the benefits of different fruits and veggies Easy and interesting to read A must for planning your juicing menu Good deal let your food be your medicinedrugs had a side effects but food has a good effects that will heal our weak body from our wrong way of eating and diet. From aliments, small to large, this book presents cures via juicing It seems to me that you might as well try some healthy juicing for your ailments before you start downing expensive and toxic medicines Pretty comprehensive guide. Shows how to use vegetable and fruit juices to help alleviate allergies, constipation, hypoglycemia, skin problems, joint pain, colitis, ulcers, and other ailments Phenomenal book