A highly organized 10 year old attempts to stage manage Christmas a family delight You are suffering from Christmeasles and may have to have a Christmasectomy I suggest you go into the garden and try and score a goal using your right foot p 44 A lovely little Christmas read The story is a good 45 years old but reads as if it was unwrapped just now fresh, crispy, genuinely funny with a bit of suspense Truly enjoyable how a cleverly crafted storyline like this one takes its young readers seriously while at the same time challenging them to be different. Ten year old Grimble is worried His parents are not very organized and they seem to have completely forgotten Christmas Grimble tries his hardest to make the old Grimbles remember dropping lots of hints, humming Christmas carols round the house and pointing out turkeys and Christmas puddings in the shops But, with only nine days to go, Grimble decides there is only one thing to do Arrange Christmas himself