Gerard Hughes s popularity lies in the fact that he always writes directly for the individual struggling with issues of faith and life and gets right to the heart of spiritual needs and concerns His best seller GOD OF SURPRISES published nearlyyears ago has sold nearly a quarter of a million copies GOD IN ALL THINGS is a follow up to that book written for a different world and a different spiritual climate This is a guidebook for the inner journey It is about recognising God in the ordinary, in the joy and sadness of things, about knowing that God cannot be separated from whatever we experience It is written for people on the fringes of Christianity, or those who are disillusioned with church structures and dogmatic theology Hughes has written this book because he is concerned at the split between religion and life, as if religion was something apart and detached from the rest of God s creation Apart from being a brilliant spiritual guide this book is a call to a faith in terminal decline to enlarge its concept of God and break out of the straitjacket of pious religion It is a fabulous book catherine bennett Gerard Hughes has a high reputation as a writer in the meditative Christian tradition, and there are many useful insights in the book The writer was clearly a thoughtful, prayerful Christian and I know others who value his work highly But for me I felt it crossed the line into something that was not wholly Christian to reach out to God meditatively is one thing, but to start to blur the boundaries between God s spirit and our Spirits is another Hence my reaction to expressions like Godself which you will encounter in the book. Picked this up in Waterstones before a quiet weekend to get my act together Leafing through, it identified links between daily life, chunks of the Bible, struggles with meditation, national politics and global economics So I bought it to try to see God in things.48 hours later, it s read and heavily annotated Some highlights are Jesus gets locked up in a cupboard after His little talk at your local church.Churches as static, high walled garrisons with troops drilled in ineffective, defensive and out of date parades.Simple and surprisingly effective exercises Hughes says they re the most important part of the book In one, be still and just imagine Jesus arriving at your door A revelation for me.While writing as a spiritual director and author, Hughes views on church unity, religiosity and militarism are characteristic of a modern prophet And yet, there s a compassion here for people as finite pilgrims stretched by the vagaries of life external and internal.In one chapter, Hughes uses simple metaphors a sheepdog, a well as a vehicle to apply this thinking in our own lives Again, the exercises are constructive.As a corporate employee, I have questions about earthing some of his ideas 9 5 but his points are valid.As a mature psychology student, the book touches on attention, motivation, mindfulness, consciousness and existential existence useful material with which to query the assumptions of the acidly secular social psychologists.A good read one of those rare books that can change the way we perceive existence and our journeying through life. i m not a christian but loved Gerard s book his style is great, he s witty, he s apposite and makes good observations about life I really enjoyed readiing this book Would look for by Gerard.