Straightforward advice on how to cope with common ailments and injuries, when to call the vet and what to do before the vet arrives Chapters include signs of ill health, equipment and first aid cupboard, cleaning and covering wounds, and tubbing, poulticing, and bandaging Good book. Seems quite comprehensive but is extremely covers the basics, nothing. Nice clear summary of basic principles with associated pictures Easy to read and specifies when vet must be called I definitely recommend it. brilliant thanks naomi rossiter Quite a good little book A bit basic but fine for early Pony Club tests. Good book and received straight away so i could read it without waiting for delivery Can keep on phone for emergency. Great for all Very good book Love these books In a time with injury concern, there s no time to read a long passage about care steps This shows details and you can quickly get an injury stabilized, then have time to find out about long term care.