The official training manual for all three first aid providers, offering emergency procedures for everyone at home, at work, or at leisure Fully redesigned and restructured with bright colour coded chapters for quick and easy access on all the latest information on procedures Includes freepage booklet with quick reference guide to first aid emergencies Good book crucial first aid tips I had a copy of an older edition at home in another country, and I used to read it as a kid because I was very interested in first aid I decided to purchase a copy now that I m in the UK as a student, and it came in incredibly handy twice My musician friend scalded her finger quite badly and the pastoral carer was about to put ointment on it and an adhesive bandage, two things that could aggravate a scald Another friend, who has quite severe allergies, went into anaphylactic shock after ingesting an allergen This book helped save her life.You never know when accidents happen, and having knowledge of first aid could stabilise a condition or save a life Highly recommended to all. Excellent buy and than happy with my purchase and would def buy from this seller again Hope I never need read it again