Fully revised and updated th edition includes changes to resuscitation techniquesFrom first aid essentials to life saving procedures, it s worth having someone who knows what they are doing to cope with life s little and big emergencies The latest edition of this best selling manual, published in association with the UK s three leading first aid providers, St John s Ambulance, St Andrew s First Aid and the British Red Cross, gives you the knowledge you need instantly if someone falls ill or gets hurtLive action step by step photographs show you how to treat casualties and overmedical conditions and injuries, from minor burns to heart attacks Find information on the latest life saving procedures and resuscitation guidelines as well as basic first aid techniques, like bandaging and applying dressings Plus, chapters explain what it s like being a first aider, what to do in an emergency situation and how to look after a casualty Keep it handy for home, for work and for leisure

13 thoughts on “First Aid Manual

  1. Yogi Alba Yogi Alba says:

    A few updates on the 8th edition, including CPR for people with no first aid training More use is made of photographs depicting different medical situations which I think is an improvement I am still working my way through this latest edition and on the whole it seem to flow a bit better.The reason I have only rated it 4 star is due to the quick reference guide being absent I previously received this with the 8th edition which I kept in the first aid box I have at home Equally useful to have a copy with your first aid box in the car I hope the compilers and DK will include this in edition 10.

  2. Susan Margharita Susan Margharita says:

    Yes it is a superb book, with easy to follow instructions on what to do in an emergency I did first aid with St Johns every year for many years but things change all the time and this book is good reading I saw a programme on TV about first aid a few weeks ago which prompted me to buy the book as we live in the middle of nowhere and I had forgotten a lot as you do.Having bought it I got to the scene of a crash with a boy on a motorbike and thank god I had read it properly.So yes all in all an excellent easy to read book with diagrams etc

  3. Roisin Shanahan Roisin Shanahan says:

    Very well laid out, step by step instructions and pictures for what to do e.g if you come across an unconscious patient and how to give CPR It gives information on circulatory and respiratory systems As a Red Cross member going through exams it is a great little study aid but for parents with kids I thoroughly recommend having this on the shelf so they can do basic first aid while waiting for the emergency services if anything ever happened

  4. Dave, London Dave, London says:

    I hope I never have to use it, but if I do, with this book I feel confident about dealing with the situation.

  5. biorganicenergy.co Customer biorganicenergy.co Customer says:

    I think this book is brilliant, for people who don t know any first aid, its something I would recommend it defiantly, especially those who have little children and adults as well.At the end of the day even if you have just one person who knows first aid, you can save life s.The book is very well illustrated and very well explained to what you have to do with words and pictures to show this.The book is something which can be used in demonstrations and practical exercises if you wish.

  6. K. A. Newton K. A. Newton says:

    I bought two used copies one marked as very good and the other as good from the same seller.Both were very good copies The covers were plasti coated with printing on the covers.One plastic cover edge on top front was a little creased along the edge.I have bought worse as new off shelves in W H Smiths.I am thrilled to have got these important books 2009 versions for such low prices.

  7. John Murphy John Murphy says:

    Excellent used for my first aider at work course that employer too tight fisted to pay for books.

  8. Mr. M. Cawsey Mr. M. Cawsey says:

    Its a very useful book, clear in its objective of being a houshold and emergency reference book Regularly updated with new editions as protocols and ideas on treatment change This is the third time I have purchased a new edition and I find it a great book to have around.It is of course fully supported by the national organisations of Red Cross and St John Ambulance.Michael J Cawsey

  9. biorganicenergy.co Customer biorganicenergy.co Customer says:

    if its a book that has to be used in an emergency it has to bigger in size then this the size of the book is very small its A5 , But said that it is the right content

  10. Jenny Jenny says:

    Received thank youGreat information

  11. biorganicenergy.co Kunde biorganicenergy.co Kunde says:

    Ich habe dieses Buch gekauft, weil ich einen Erste Hilfe Kurs in Englisch halten sollte und noch schnell mein Vokabular auffrischen wollte Auch wenn nicht alle Details der sterreichischen Lehrmeinung entsprechen, gibt das Buch einen guten berblick ber alle relevanten Themen, erklrt gut und mit vielen Bildern.

  12. Desi Mou Desi Mou says:

    Very helpful Lots of photos Good section s on how to administer first aid to children babies, which is what I ordered it for.

  13. biorganicenergy.co Customer biorganicenergy.co Customer says:

    A little too wordy for fast answers The diagrams and pictures are ok Good manual to have close by..