How all the family can use homoeopathic to treat illnesses from head to toe Special sections on pregnancy and childbirth, on women s complaints, and for children More remedies than in any comparable book Detailed descriptions of symptoms, which are matched to appropriate homoeopathic remedies

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  1. Lady Vibart Lady Vibart says:

    I ve been seeing a homeopath for over 15 years and about 12 years ago bought a copy of this book It s divided into 3 distinct sections 1 Common illnesses and their remedies 2 Problems of new born to adolescence.3 Problems specific to adults and a section just on the elderly as well He then divides each section into subsections so in common illnesses he looks at Upper respiratory tract ailments Eye problems digestive gastrointestinal problems the heart etc and so on He starts wi a short but clear description of what homeopathy is, how the remedies are made and explains some homeopathic terminology which is helpful Then each section goes through the different remedies in alphabetical order describing both the physical, emotional and mental symptoms for that remedy It is clearly and simply written in laypersons language and a very useful reference book for home use My copy is now in about 8 sections as its fallen apart with so much use He also gives a list of resources in the Uk and some books for further reading It is not the only book you need if you are serious about the subject but it s a very helpful and easy to use reference for treating the family, as the title explains Worth every penny There are over 500 pages so it s quite a thick tome I imagine a hardback copy would be stronger and last longer than my much used paperback