Exceptionally beautiful images everything Czech photographer Josef Koudelka captures speaks deeply of the endurance of the human spirit Master photographer is a term that s bandied around far too much, but here it isthan justified Amateur PhotographerThe images evoke feelings of alienation, disconnection and love The Plus PaperAbout Exiles, Cnrnell Capa once wrote, Koudelka s unsentimental, stark, hrooding, intensely human imagery retlects his own spirit, the very essence of an exile who is at home wherever his wandering body tinds haven in the night In this revised and expanded dition of theclassic, which includes new images, Josef Koudelka s work oncef wms a powerfu document of the spiritual and physical state of exile Most of the images were taken in Europe during Kondelka s own twenty year exile from his native Czechoslovakia, shirting in , after having left in the wake of photographing the Soviet led invasion of Prague The senne oi private mystery that tilts these photographs speaks of passion and r serve, of his rage tn sec Solita y, moving, dceply b lt and strangely disturhing, the images in Exiles suggest alienation, disconnection and love Exiles evokes nome of the mort compelling and trouhling themes of the twentieth century, still resonating with equal force during this time of migrations and profound transience