Effective, holistic nursing is impossible without a firm grasp of how the human body functions, but knowledge of the scientific theory on its own is not enough Written with the needs of nurses firmly in mind and using the person centred practice framework as a guiding principle, this book brings anatomy and physiology to life, combining the best of print and online learning into one integrated package Key features Connects theory with nursing practice by exploring the science from the perspective of a fictional family Uses a rich array of full colour figures, diagrams, and video material including interactive figures, animations and mini tutorials perfect for visual learners Full of engaging activities designed to complement self directed learning Supported by a collection of digital resources, includingonline multiple choice questions, overrevision flashcards, and complete access to videos, animations, revision material and action plans Ideal for revision and consolidating knowledge Visit to find out Getmonths FREE access to an interactive eBook when you buy the paperback Print paperback version only, ISBNEach purchase includesmonths access to an interactive eBook version, meaning you can study when and how you want and make use of additional tools including search, highlighting, annotation note sharing and much interactivity only available through Vitalsource eBook

8 thoughts on “Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing Practice

  1. Rachel Webb Rachel Webb says:

    As a first year nursing student and someone who had not previously studied biology past GCSE level I struggle with this particular subject of nursing but found this book explained everything bit by bit, and perfectly explained all the systems precisely The colourful and well labelled diagrams were essential to my learning and I feel so much confident after using this book Would definitely recommend, and it s a book that I would say I ve used at least than once every week since I ve started

  2. Olivia Buchanan Olivia Buchanan says:

    This book is the only book you need to study Anatomy and physiology as a student nurse It applies your learning alongside the Person Centred Framework and relates it to a family, so make it easier to understand and grasp difficult concept The whole book is broken down to to a level that student nurse needs it to be to understand Anatomy and physiology I particularly love the interactive nature of the book, this is not just a hardback book, it give you access to have this book on your phone or online, you can study anywhere This has been my lifesaver for tutorial s and exam preparation The vast range of videos, multiple choice revision question at end of ever chapter really help It also has flashcards which i find the best way to study nearing exams I could not recommend this book any higher Also, get the additional colouring book that comes with this book, great way to learn if your a visual learning like me.Olivia Buchanan 2nd year student nurse

  3. mariahilff.de Customer mariahilff.de Customer says:

    This book is an absolute essential for nursing students I love how there is a conclusion at the end of each chapter and how it sums up the key points I also love how the book links back to a family as it helps to give a better understanding It s fab how I also get an e book version free so that I can read it on the go from my phone Definitely recommend this book.

  4. BeingladyJAE BeingladyJAE says:

    Really awesome book

  5. A.Hadley A.Hadley says:

    I needed a book to help with my A P exam for uni and I bought this book and read it cover to cover and I was brill I passed my exam thank you

  6. mariahilff.de Customer mariahilff.de Customer says:

    Excellent book This book has really helped me with my A P revision a must have for all student nurses

  7. kizzy kizzy says:

    Brilliant An essential for uni

  8. Laura Emily Carter Laura Emily Carter says:

    Essential for any nursing student