The Encyclopaedia of Natural Medicine is the most comprehensive guide and reference to the use of natural measures in the maintenance of good health and the prevention and treatment of disease It explains the principles of natural medicine and outlines their application through the safe and effective use of herbs, vitamins, minerals, diet and nutritional supplements, and covers an extensive range of health conditions, from asthma to depression, from psoriasis to candidasis, from diabetes to the common coldDrawing on the centuries old wisdom of the healing powers of nature, and supported with scientific investigation, the Encyclopaedia is the ultimate guide to a natural, healthy lifestyle

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    I bought this book 2nd hand and was pleased with the quality and delivery time from the seller.The book itself is very useful, well laid out and easy to understand for varying levels of knowledge base.I am using the book for my studies, but I also beleive it to be an excellent resource for any bookshel if you are interested in Natural and Complementary Medicine.

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    Just a brilliant text book an reference for any practitioner looking for a holistic approach to symptoms, by two of the leaders in the field.

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    Great service, product as described.

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    very good

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    Very concise and informative

  7. A. Malone A. Malone says:

    I discovered this book thru my health care practioner What impressed me most about Murray s work is that he incorporates several disciplines into his methodology First, he discusses the diseases illnesses, then he lists the causes For therapies, Murray gives dietary, nutritional and botanical remedies This is a very balanced book with something for everyone As a diebetic, I found his secton on diabetes to be quite enlightening This is a must read for all those who understand that pharmaceuticals may not always be the best answer to what ails you This ones a keeper

  8. Liliana Nogueira Liliana Nogueira says:

    a must have for everyone interested in taking responsibility for his own health very thorough, specific, with scientific articles and studies to help broaden our horizons Very open minded, and not fundamentalist, showing both sides of the coin the natural and the conventional medicine.

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    Everything good

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    A great overview of natural medicine by two authors who are long respected in the field In addition to an explanation of what natural medicine is, there are detailed descriptions of how to enhance health, immunity, and longevity through improving cardiovascular and digestive health In addition it addresses specific health problems which make it a great supplement for those who want to dip into non pharmaceutical treatment and can t find any professional medical support for doing so.If you know a doctor who wants to encourage your efforts to take responsibility for your state of health but who doesn t have the time to take courses, this is a great gift There are plenty of references to research yet the text material is clear and easy enough for the layman to read The doctor can give patients some relevant reading material while waiting for the doctor s return to the examination room.Each of the specific conditions is followed by a review and treatment summary plus suggested lifestyle changes, supplements, and botanical medicines There are often guidelines within each condition write up that help the patient decide which treatments are likely relevant to that person s needs An example within Insomnia is the explanation that melatonin will not have a sedative effect unless the person is actually low on melatonin.This is a great introduction to natural medicine as well as an ongoing companion throughout one s ups and downs of personal health care.

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    Everyone should own this book buy it now Oh one other thing buy a used one and save yourself money as the new ones are very pricey Happy Hunting

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    As a former skeptic of naturopathic medicine, I would like to tell people that are considering purchasing this book that it is a balanced, well written resource.I appreciate the fact that it cites what we know from mainstream medicine and then illustrates how alternative natural therapies can be applied to various conditions I also pleased that for each condition, multiple therapies are recommended instead of just one This allows the reader the ability to tailor their treatment plan to their needs and available materials.Very educational and well written Would highly recommend.

  14. K. Johnson K. Johnson says:

    I ve read several books on this topic as they ve become popular This book is one of, if not the best, on this subject Thorough, comprehensive, informative, and reader friendly By listing the benefits of natural substances as well as the most common ailments we face, EoNM is also a great source for cross referencing, and reinforcing the qualities and inter relatedness of vitamins, minerals, and herbs, to not only the physical, but mental A well made point in this book is that the physical and psychological are strongly related.With the plethora of nutrient information provided in this book, a critical feature to our health is also focused on and explained in the beginning of the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine.Attitude Our attitudes affect not only our mental health, subconscious, and ability to achieve small and large goals in daily life, but our attitude is directly related to our physical health.Of all of the many books about Maslow, the best description I ve ever read of Maslow s heirarchy of needs and concept Self Actualization, is in this book A questionnaire test follows, that measures our degrees of optimism vs pessimism There is also a recommended reading list of books on positive thinking and optimism.This is a nutrient based book and numerous entries and lists inform the reader what natural remedies can prevent, reduce, and or eliminate many of the common ailments we face The bibliography given by the authors can be very helpful for those who want to explore further.