The third edition of the Emergency Ambulance Response Driver s Handbook is the essential resource for all professional drivers of ambulances Since the publication of the second edition in , the book has been comprehensively reviewed by a team of healthcare professionals and brought up to date with the newest regulations and best practice advice The book is designed to serve as both an introductory resource for self learning or alongside a training course as well as a text which can refresh and enhance your existing knowledge It aims to provide drivers with a safe and effective basis for their driving practice and to help minimise any risk to ambulance drivers, passengers and other road users With an additional four chapters, this book forms a vital part of the training of any driver of emergency response vehicles Bought this before I did my emergency driving course to familiarise myself with what I needed to know Worked a treat, I found the tests much easier having already read over the information in the book Warning not at all entertaining, prepare to be bored But short term pain, long term gain Very good and essential for completing the mstar future quals course Updated version, great for when working with new starters, some think that they know it all Great to have proof that us older end do know what we are talking about.