Stay healthy and achieve your ideal weight with the help of this portable and personal blood type guide It s science Different blood types mean different body chemistries Eating foods that your blood type can process easily can help you lose weight and ward off illness as well as giving you bags of energyBased on your genetic make up, EAT RIGHTYOUR BLOOD TYPE means eating foods that are compatible with your individual chemistry For example, if your blood type is B, then you will enjoy your best health on a varied diet, including plenty of protein and some dairy Carry this handy checklist with you wherever you go, so you can make the right food choices in the supermarket, while eating out or on holiday Inside are comprehensive listings of what s right for Type B in all of the main food, drink and supplement categories, so you can avoid putting on those extra pounds or feeling unwell from eating the wrong thingSoon you ll be on your way to developing the perfect prescription plan for your type