In OctoberJo Watson hosted the very first A Disorder for Everyone event in Birmingham, with psychologist Dr Lucy Johnstone, to explore and explode the culture of psychiatric diagnosis in mental health To provide a space to continue the debate after the event, Jo also set up the now hugely popular and active Facebook group Drop the Disorder Since then, they have delivered events in towns and cities across the UK, bringing together activists, survivors and professionals to debate psychiatric diagnosis How and why does psychiatric diagnosis hold such power What harm it can do What are the alternatives to diagnosis, and how it can be positively challenged This book takes the themes, energy and passions of the ADE events bringing together many of the event speakers with others who have stories to tell and messages to share in the struggle to challenge diagnosis This is an essential book for everyone of us who looks beyond the labels

9 thoughts on “Drop the Disorder! Challenging the culture of psychiatric diagnosis

  1. Shrinkrap Shrinkrap says:

    Since the 1960s the pseudo medical concepts of mental health and mental illness have been radically questioned by pioneer existential psychotherapists Thomas Szasz, R.D Laing and Aaron Esterson Hence it is not true that the project outlined in this book of exposing the greatest hoax of the modern ages the myth of mental illness and psychiatry s ludicrous attempts to treat it is new and innovative within the field of counselling and psychotherapy I would urge serious readers whether professionals or those who have been through the psychiatric mill themselves to turn to the masters first.

  2. Alisha Cunningham Alisha Cunningham says:

    I highly recommend reading this book I ve finally finished I m struggling to find words that articulate what this book has meant to me I have never felt as much of an activist as I do now Chapters opened me up emotionally I cried, I smiled, I laughed, I was angry, I felt hopeful, I was pissed off, I was disgusted, I felt empowered and so much I connected personally to certain aspects, I ve been on such a journey reading this book It s such an emotionally engaging read and I thoroughly enjoyed it

  3. Richard Patterson Richard Patterson says:

    I most highly recommend this book that Jo The Drop the Disorder Medical Model Machine Casket Builders have crafted together with love and with care Thank you so much to all concerned for playing this part in helping to give our humanity a chance by producing and publishing this book With allusion to the song My Boy Builds Coffins by Florence The Machine that was written back in the year of two thousand and ten.


    An excellent collection and combination of like minded reputable authors challenging the way that Medical Health is creating labels and failing to meet the needs of those who it should be serving Let s hope that 5his book has a real impact on current outdated thinking.

  5. The C. The C. says:

    As a counsellor with 18 years under my belt, I ve listened to many life stories, read many books, attended many sceminas and training courses This profession has been waiting for a book like this to be publishedfinally common sense is on the horizon and a campaign to break down the psychiatric infastructure of treating distress has begun My core team of 30 counsellors and college students will all be reading this book because quite frankly it would be an outrage not to.

  6. Lauren Booker Lauren Booker says:

    This is a throught provoking book, written by professionals understand that distress is not disorder A brave step towards a deeper understanding of the impact of psychiatric labels It s well written and relatable.

  7. Customer Customer says:

    Excellent collection of work everyone should read this

  8. Carolyn Kempster Carolyn Kempster says:

    I finished this today I am digesting and processing I hope it s not too hasty to say that this book might be one of the most influential on my journey as a counsellor and I m incredibly grateful to have come across it while still studying A very important book for anyone at all with an interest in mental health and wellbeing.

  9. J. Ion J. Ion says:

    This collection combines insights from people I could relate to and ideas I hadn t considered before I highly recommend it to anyone questioning their psychiatric diagnosis or the psychiatric medications they ve been prescribed.