A warm and satisfying story My WeeklyFrom the author of The Liverpool Nightingales comes an uplifting and emotional tale, perfect for fans of Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey and Annie Groves Is a mothers love enough to protect her child Liverpool Shrouded in secrecy Alice Sampson gives birth to a beautiful baby girlBut the former nurses happiness is blighted by the knowledge that as a penniless, unwed mother, her future, and that of her child, can only be one of shame and disgraceThen a knock at the door brings a miracle she is invited to return to the Liverpool Royal Infirmary and her beloved wardWith the help of her friends and the welcome attentions of Reverend Seed, the hospital Chaplain, Alice slowly starts to rebuild her lifeEverything is looking up, until her babys father unexpectedly shows up to claim the child he knew nothing aboutSuddenly Alice is in danger of losing her baby, her position and her whole futurePraise for Kate EasthamDeftly written and moving Womans Own A heartwarming and tear inducing tale with wonderfully realistic characters Woman

8 thoughts on “Daughters of Liverpool

  1. KC book lover KC book lover says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed this story of Alice and how she combined being a single mother with training to become a nurse I was pleased to see that her friendship with Eddy continues I really hope that Eddy gets her own book at some point, we really need to know her story and Maud was mentioned although she is obviously not around at the moment I believe we return to Maud in the next book and find out what she gets up to when she is in America, so looking forward to reading that.

  2. Mrs. Linda Lyons Mrs. Linda Lyons says:

    Nurse training in the days and ofFlorence Nightingale An insight into the medication and treatment of the past and the structure and discipline of those times.Both interesting and entertaining for anyone wanting an insight into those times through the eyes of the trainees in addition to their daily lives, hopes and loves.

  3. C A Grimbaldeston C A Grimbaldeston says:

    Very well written and absorbing I thought the Ada in the first book and Maud in the second would be hard to beat But, Alice s determination to succeed under pressure and her comaradery in the most unsual of places supports her desire to become a qualified nurse Her best friend Eddie is woven neatly through the chapters as her main stay and rock to complete her training and make her laugh out loud A thoroughly great read, couldn t put it down

  4. Julietromeo Julietromeo says:

    this is another great story from kate her research is absolutely fantastic you are there in the ward and also at home with alice the continuity from one book tol the next book is perfect you just go from one book to the next as easy as breathing i can t wait til next month for the next book.life is so realistic and human love the books, kate, love them.

  5. Mois reads Mois reads says:

    A fantastic read all about Alice and her struggles with baby Victoria.also her friends maud and eddy and the other nurses and also the girls who have looked after her and Victoria a riveting read from Page 1 5 STARS.

  6. Ms. Kate N. Winfield Ms. Kate N. Winfield says:

    Excellent read would recommend this book and the first two books as well.

  7. Kohan91 Kohan91 says:

    Good read thoroughly enjoyed the book

  8. Mrs Sock Mrs Sock says:

    A well written sequel, love the characters and emotion The scenes with Tommy are brilliant and some med students haven t changed.