an indispensable handbook for anyone coping with the effects of dementia and who wants to keep a sufferer as happy as is humanly possible Daily Express a revolutionary new way of treating dementia brings amazing benefits for patients and carers alike Guardian I found myself weeping An important book Sarah Stacey YOU magazine Explains a revolutionary way to care for dementia patients tender techniques that can ease absent minds Telegraph I bought it and can confirm that anyone who wants help in caring for the condition will find this excellent work a revelation Bel Mooney Mail on SundayDementia is a little understood and currently incurable illness, but much can be done to maximise the quality of life for people with the condition Contented Dementia by clinical psychologist and bestselling author Oliver James outlines a groundbreaking and practical method for managing dementia that will allow both sufferer and carer to maintain the highest possible quality of life, throughout every stage of the illnessA person with dementia will experience random and increasingly frequent memory blanks relating to recent events Feelings, however, remain intact, as do memories of past events and both can be used in a special way to substitute forrecent information that has been lost The SPECAL method Specialized Early Care for Alzheimer s outlined in this book works by creating links between past memories and the routine activities of daily life in the present Drawing on real life examples and user friendly tried and tested methods, Contented Dementia provides essential information and guidance for carers, relatives and professionals