This essential handbook for the preparation of worship presents the authorised Bible readings references only for the liturgical year beginning Advent SundayIt includes a full calendar of the Christian year complete lectionary references to the Principal, Second and Third services for Sundays and Principal Feasts and Holy Days lectionary references for Morning and Evening Prayer the Additional Weekday Lectionary general readings for saints days and special occasions a guide to the liturgical colours of the day A must have reference guide for every vestry and parish office It was great to discover that I could have the lection on kindle I buy several lectionaries each year I keep one in bags that I use for services and give one to the Churchwardens They are useful in preparation for services. This is very useful for the daily office and provides all necessary information. I order this essential item very year in order to enhance my prayer life. Replaced the one which was lost As expected An essential tool for anyone who prays daily using Church of England Common Worship.The book is laid out clearly, though occasionally alternative sets of readings could be signposted better.