Rev Dr Vrej Nerses Nersessian was born in Tehran in 1948 and was educated at the Armenian College in Calcutta, the Gevorkian Theological Seminary in Holy Ejmiatsin, Armenia, and Kings College London He was formerly Head of the Christian Middle East section at the British Library 1975 2011 Among his many publications by the British Library is the recently published Catalogue of the Armenian Manuscripts in the British Library acquired since the year 1913 and of collections in other libraries in the United Kingdom 2012 He has contributed articles on the thought and culture of the Armenian Church in The Blackwell Dictionary of Eastern Christianity, ed by Ken Parry Blackwell, London 1999 , Jesus in History, Thought, and Culture, An Encyclopedia, ed by Leslie Houlden ABC Clio, Oxford 2003 and The Orthodox Christian World, ed by Augustine Casiday Routledge, London 2012.

3 thoughts on “ Christology of the Armenian Church

  1. Value Shopper Value Shopper says:

    An excellent summation of the christology of the early church fathers I ve read it twice, will certainly go back to it again and again.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    A good summery

  3. Paul J Riesselmann Paul J Riesselmann says:

    As a convert to orthodoxy, I find the Armenian Church most receptive.