The bestselling Carbs Cals books show hundreds of food photos making counting carbs and calories a breeze This edition is filled withphotos of African, Arabic, Caribbean and South Asian foods, and is the essential resource for diabetes management, carb awareness, weight loss, portion control and healthy eatingThis visual guide helps you understand how foods affect your blood sugar level, enabling you to choose right foods to meet your diet goals, manage portion sizes and monitor the amount of carbs you consume keeping your blood sugar levels well under controlFEATURESphotos of food drinks commonly consumed by African, Arabic, Caribbean and South Asian communities Includes sections for Meals, Sides, Snacks, Breads, Desserts Drinks Carb content clearly displayed using blood glucose icons, highlighting each portion s possible effect on blood glucose level Values for calories fat also shown Up toportion sizes for each food An informative introduction with practical tips on managing your diabetes and weightCHAPTERS Introduction African Foods Arabic Foods Caribbean Foods South Asian Foods Generic FoodsThis is part of the bestselling Carbs Cals series of health books Check out the other books in the series SALADS, SOUPS, SMOOTHIES, VERY LOW CALORIE RECIPES, DIET, and the award winning CARB CALORIE COUNTER and POCKET COUNTER Available now on

8 thoughts on “Carbs & Cals World Foods: A visual guide to African, Arabic, Caribbean and South Asian foods for diabetes & weight management

  1. Mel Mel says:

    Great informative book containing information on foods I cannot find in the Carbs and Cals book Plus a real bonus information on weight loss, Gi, Diabetes, Nutrients etc I am a Type 1 Diabetic and find these resources invaluable for counting my carbs Highly recommended.

  2. says:

    excellent not just for diabetics but for everyone wanting to meet health and fitness goal However, also to sustain it Excellent for all healthcare professionals for a basic understanding of food carbs.

  3. N.A.B. Sandford N.A.B. Sandford says:

    I have bought this to compliment my regular version of the Carbs Cals book use it for my job Its a wonderful compliment as it has such a variety of different foods in it particularly useful for the client group I work with Would recommend Very easy to use reference tool Can make life so much easier if Carb counting is important to you for whatever reason It also has other important food contents such as fats at a glance.

  4. Aba Aba says:

    Nothing Every information on the book was an eye openerI am not diabetic but very keen on healthy eating this book has been such a great resourceI have shared this with my family and colleague who has purchased a copyI am greatful I came across this book when I last visited my GP who had a copy on his deskOn returning home I searched for as copy on Thank youAba

  5. Sufia T. Sufia T. says:

    This book doesn t have many foods It has a huge section on the importance of weight management and blood sugar control etc Which I think is unnecessary It s meant to be an add on to the Carbs and Cals app as well as being part of a series for diabetes If you re a diabetic, I think you already know all the advice I just wanted to get down and find the amount of carbs in foods that I eat.

  6. Annie R Annie R says:

    This is a fantastic book for people who are not only diabetic but are keen to keep fit and look after themselves and really suits people who love ethic food.The book has detailed pictures so you know exactly what the food is and is very well written.I particularly like how it details how many carbs, cal and fat there is in each food.

  7. cay cay says:

    This book is a god send and an absolutely brilliant way of reaching out to lots people As a Diabetes Educator I use and promote all the Carbs Cals books within my groups and this is the icing on the cake Definitely recommend everyone purchasing this book it has helped no end in weight loss and diabetes control Hope it will be available on an app too.

  8. DeeR DeeR says:

    A great book I am pre diabetic Have other books in this range Great information and I recommend it Good photos.