Great textbook for radiographers Bones and Joints offers a clear and concise introduction to the bones and joints of the body along with pathology Heavily illustrated with clear annotations, this is an essential learning, revision aid and reference for all radiography students and other health care students including nurses Laid out in a logical and systemic way the text is easy to understand with brand new colour illustrations throughout The three generic chapters at the start of the book, covering an overview of bone, joints and pathology, provide the basic information required to ensure that the student is able to gain the most benefit from the subsequent area specific chapters This is an essential book for all health care students who need a good understanding of the skeletal system Now fully illustrated in colour throughout with clear annotations for easy understanding Joint illustrations are colour coded to aid learning Really good book Very useful for learning the bones and joints of the body Will come in very useful for any bony anatomy exams. Great book for learning bones and joints with clear images both pictorial and medical images. Really good for learning the boney anatomy in detail My bible for my first year of Uni. Definitely a book you want to buy if your learning your bony anatomy