Presents a comprehensive guide to all aspects of this popular healing art It outlines the basic principle of aromatherapy as a means of maintaining personal happiness, health and well being Profiling the essential oils and aromatics, the guide explains how to use them safely and effectively

12 thoughts on “Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Aromatherapy

  1. Rosemary Parr Rosemary Parr says:

    We have a very old copy of this book and bought this as a gift The paper is better quality than our copy and the pages are a larger size, making it a slimmer volume than it used to be A good all round guide to aromatherapy.

  2. miriam miriam says:

    A great aromatherapy book.Full of useful and essential information.

  3. Customer Customer says:

    Amazing book that covers all you need would highly recommend this book.

  4. Larry Larry says:

    Good value book but not a patch on the Fragrant Pharmacy,

  5. Margie Margie says:


  6. Belle Belle says:

    This book is so useful to just dip into It has become one of my favourite already I recommend it

  7. Lady Fancifull Lady Fancifull says:

    All Chrissie Wildwood s books go well beyond a prescriptive do this blend for this condition approach Her books have great integrity and seek to empower the reader by explaining reasons Particularly helpful is the anatomy, physiology and pathology sections, looking at the structure and functions of different bodymind systems, and explaining the actions of suggested essential oils in context Though this is reaally a book for the practitioner, rather than the keen amateur, the clarity and friendliness of her writing style mean that this is also a book which the home user might find extremely fascinating too

  8. Customer Customer says:

    If you are a budding professional Aromatherapist, or a keen amateur, Chrissie Wildwood s book is the place to begin your quest for answers to your questions.Here you will find the bases of what you need to know about Aromatherapy as Chrissie takes you through each stage step by step Anatomy Yes Physiology Yes Chemistry Yes Massage Yes History Yes Blending Yes Oil information Yes All fundamental but very informative and very well written.But beware, if your interest is only on a casual basis this book may well inspire you to delve deeper into the Profession of Aromatherapy and change your life style completely

  9. tanushree dutta tanushree dutta says:

    Everything about aromatherapy in detail is written.only thing i expected and is not there in the book is pictures of the essential flowers used.otherwise good

  10. Angel galpal Angel galpal says:

    you will never need another aromatherapy book if you have this one ten times the info that was in my certification course this book is like taking a master s degree in aromatherapy.

  11. Haf Haf says:

    I was expecting from this book, but compared to most of the aromatherapy books in my collection, it falls short.It just lacks depth in the most important ways, e.g exploring specific essential oils.Wish I liked it .

  12. Curtis K. Davis Curtis K. Davis says:

    I gave five stars here because I am an absolute beginner to this stuff and so any information would be useful to me Getting a refined review from someone who knows the ins and outs of the subject would be well worth the research For me, this book has way information past a beginner s needs I welcome the extra information though So I am good to go