Jacquelyn Small shares inspiring stories and specific daily practices for co creating our personal spiritual destiny Through such practical techniques as The Magical Work of Focused Intention, The Power of Invocation, and The Process of Manifestation, Small teaches readers to use focused spiritual energy what she calls active prayer to remake their own lives and to evolve toward becoming visionary guides for others

5 thoughts on “Becoming a Practical Mystic: Creating Purpose for Our Spiritual Future

  1. Nitima Nitima says:

    with this book you can work on yourself through number of scripts that s provided customising to your need. Thank you.

  2. Ram Das Batchelder Ram Das Batchelder says:

    Becoming a Practical Mystic is a precious guide for self transformation based on the divine law of call and response, using the sacred techniques of invocation and evocation Jacquelyn Small s teachings and are primarily focused on the potent divinizing power inherent in our creative imagination and focused intention, and she provides numerous ways in which we can use those essential sacred tools to align ourselves with Spirit, and manifest our inherent divinity in this world I love the story she shares in the introduction, about a time of personal crisis when in her desperation she vigorously invoked the power of God to come to her aid, and in response heard a booming inner voice which guided her to a certain page in a book she owned but had never read, and there found specific instructions for the next stage in her life Wonderful Becoming a Practical Mystic is presented in three sections In Part One we are taught how to use our free will to invoke the Supreme Power to flow through us, and thereby bring about divinization in our lives and positive changes in our world For this we must practice aligning with our highest intention daily, and be willing to do our part whenever divine assistance comes She says we should actively imagine and visualize the qualities we wish to develop in ourselves, and call them forth from the universe via invocation literally crying out for them and then do our best to enact them in our lives and truly embody them For this we must be willing to remove or purify anything that stands in the way of Truth As a quote beneath one of the chapter headings puts it, The fates lead him who will those who won t they drag Numerous exercises are provided throughout the book, so that the techniques we are learning sink out of the intellect and into the heart as we begin applying them on our own inner material In Part Two we are shown ways to connect with the greater truth of who we really are, the Divine Self As the author says, We are never born and we never die for we are consciousness itself And yet this is not a teaching of escapism, where we deny our humanness and hide in ethereal consciousness the author is guiding us to dance our way through life s experiences, both the joys and all the sorrows And then, only then, can we disidentify and rise on up and out In Part Three we are given Daily Practices which help us to bring our inherent divinity fully into manifestation in this world I found all these practices to be practicable, powerful and highly beneficial We re also provided with Rules of the Road, guidelines for spiritual growth My favorite Live as an embodied soul in all your activities Published by Quest Books, the publishing house of the Theosophical Society, Becoming a Practical Mystic is a great blessing for all those who seek a thorough, step by step guide to manifesting the light and love of the Divine in this world Thank you, Jacquelyn Small Ram Das Batchelder, author of Rising in Love My Wild and Crazy Ride to Here and Now, with Amma, the Hugging Saint

  3. srsluvselvis srsluvselvis says:

    Content was not as well covered as it could have been.

  4. D. Hobbs D. Hobbs says:

    I just started reading this book but it says so much to me Can t wait to finish it Love it

  5. Morgana Morgaine Morgana Morgaine says:

    A bit outdated, but nevertheless, J Small always has pearls of light to share I ordered it because the idea of the practical mystic is a path so needed to give us a deepened way to claim our kinship with all life and find a fierce yet heart motivated way to relate to the culture world we now inhabit Worth your time.Morgana MorgaineBorderless Broads, New Adventures for the Midlife Woman