An unabridged, unaltered edition to include The Search at book s end This is a very good book without a shadow of doubt, I have read several Metaphysical books, this one is probably the bestand the least talked about, Neville has a very nice way of writing and fills in the gaps other authors leave empty or now nothing ofI gave a Five 5 score because of this fact, I have experimented with the Information provided by Neville, and, Have to say, Powerful,I have no need to buy any books on this subject, Neville Goddard has the answer Most of the other books by Neville Goddard have been brilliant but this one didn t do much for me Too many references to religion for me I am religious but find quotes from the Bible difficult to understand and interpret Others may find this good but unfortunately not for me. please buy this book just buy it its so unbelieveable who we really are and what we are capable of this is a master piece even if you doubt the capabilities just try and see so so so so amazing i have all of neville s books i m a new man ever since i got hold of this gem get a copy.