At a time when so many disaffected Christians are trying to recreate the Church from scratch, Fr James offers a clear and accessible apology for simply returning to what Christs Church was always meant to be

13 thoughts on “Ask for the Ancient Paths: Discovering What Church Is Meant to Be

  1. Caroline Lock Caroline Lock says:

    This is a wonderful book which answers very simply and succinctly many of the questions which Protestant Christians have about Holy Orthodoxy Unfortunately the copy I had had problems connecting to some of the pages which became confused withthe footnotes Just a pity that do not seem to have a paper copy of this book.

  2. Fr John Boutros Fr John Boutros says:

    great intro to orthodoxy in comparison to Western ChristianityA bit apologeticNot recommended for those proud of their Protestantism

  3. L.B.Charlotte L.B.Charlotte says:

    I am so happy I found this book As a devout Charismatic that has a deep love for the Bible, I started to see some real craziness in the Charismatic churches as well as the seeker friendly churches I was on the verge of walking away from all of it but I knew that wasn t the answer I have recently discovered Orthodoxy and reading anything about conversion experiences and the history of the Church I can get my hands on The way the author describes his questions in the beginning are the exact things that I have been wondering His writing style is easy to digest and the tone is very respectful to those who are believers in Christ but not Orthodox The title of this book was so well chosen There is an ancient path and it s been there all along.

  4. Jennifer W Jennifer W says:

    Father James provides an excellent, and easy read for someone new to the faith, or those looking for a refresher Specifically, if you come from a Protestant background, and are seeking to convert to the original, and unchanged faith Biblical references are provided to back up all of the traditions of Orthodox Christianity, and reasoning in plain English for anyone who has questions.

  5. Richard Lakota Richard Lakota says:

    Excellent book Gave me a foundation for understanding The Orthodox Faith I am going to buy each of my sons a copy for Easter.Darlene

  6. Suekub Suekub says:

    As someone who has made the journey to Orthodoxy, this is a pearl of a book Without being too technical, Fr James, gently shows where Orthodoxy has maintained the apostolic traditions and teachings This is a book I would be happy to give to my Protestant friends as an explanation of why I became Orthodox Fr James writes it so much better than I could explain I had always found Bunyan s understanding of the Christian life as a journey reflected real life Fr James leads the reader along the path to the authentic church of apostolic teaching, tradition and succession With thanks from a grateful reader.

  7. matthew smithson matthew smithson says:

    I m moving in the direction of the Orthodox Church From the background of a Protestant, this book was a great read to get an idea of what Orthodoxy is about The chapters are concise but clearly laid out The author cites both Scripture and quotes from church fathers that really gave me confidence in Orthodoxy.

  8. Jon Jon says:

    Great introduction to orthodoxy Highly recommend for someone unfamiliar with the Orthodox faith but is honestly a great resource for even the most devout

  9. Thano Thano says:

    Easy read to introduce others to the faith.

  10. Kevin C. Fowler Kevin C. Fowler says:

    A must have for anyone inquiring about the Orthodox Faith

  11. No Public Name No Public Name says:

    This book changed my life

  12. OceanBreeze OceanBreeze says:

    Excellent book Very clear presentation and written with a younger generation in mind.

  13. Raven watch Raven watch says:

    An easy read very basic.