Anxiety Panicking about Panic is a highly informative, self help guide for people who suffer from frequent anxiety and panic attacks The book has also been tailored for those who have been diagnosed with an Anxiety or Panic Disorder This easily accessible, non complex book has already helped thousands of people from around the world who suffer from the debilitating symptoms caused by an anxiety conditionThe book has been written from the perspective of Joshua someone who suffered from panic attacks for years as a result of a trauma and a self destructive thought routine It has been designed to be accessed for all those who are affected by the symptoms of anxiety disorder, but is especially helpful for those who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks on a daily basis This book has been quoted to work effectively at calming the symptoms of anxiety withinminutes Try it for yourselfThis is the best book on anxiety and panic attacks I have ever read My anxiety has dramatically loweredHayley, Lancashire Anxiety Panicking about Panic addresses the confusion, the various feelings, the many symptoms and the negative externalities that an anxiety and panic disorder can cause It then immediately addresses these issues so the reader can quickly get their life back on track This book begins with a comprehensive list of symptoms that relate to anxiety, although it primarily addresses anxiety s main symptoms which consist of unexplainable panic, panic attacks, derealisation, hypochondria, continuous fear and hypersensitivity Joshua believes that these are the root cause of all of the other physical problems that can arise with anxiety, such as heart palpitations, chest pains, headaches, insomnia, dizziness etcThis book is then split into four main parts the first part covers the basics of anxiety, panic and what s happening within our mind and bodies when we find ourselves panicking It is common, when reading this part of the book, that it imparts a strong form of relief for the reader, as it provides an essential tool needed for the recovery process an understanding of what s actually going onPart two is a detailed list of the symptoms that can occur with anxiety and panic disorder It is set out using a What and Why format to simplify and explain why such symptoms occurPart three offers further information and practical advice to keep anxiety and panic at bay and part four is a short emergency relief section written for those who are experiencing a panic attackThis book has already sold thousands of copies worldwide receiving really positive feedback and changing lives for the better Many readers have commented onabout how it has significantly reduced their overall anxiety, as well as stopping panic attacks for good