This popular and trusted reference provides a solid introduction to the anatomy and physiology of the human body An essential resource for all those working in beauty therapy, complementary therapy, sports therapy, nursing and paramedicine, this includes New sections on the eye, ear, teeth and hair Re designed page layouts for even greater clarity and ease of use Exam focused learning objectives Free multi media resources Written in a clear, straightforward style with colour illustrations supporting the text, An Introductory Guide to Anatomy Physiology is detailed, simple to use and easy to understand an invaluable purchase for students and professionals alikeThis is a th Edition

13 thoughts on “An Introductory Guide to Anatomy & Physiology

  1. Lesley Lesley says:

    If youre doing the A P course along with ITEC massage course or any other ITEC course that requires you to complete a A P exam, then this book is definitely the one you need to get as you will be working mostly from this book You can of course purchase other A P books ie Ross and Wilson or Greys Anatomy student book for referencing Be aware though that this book gets updated FREQUENTLY I brought the latest edition luckily as there was a new chapter introduced on cells which we had homework study to do So make sure you get the newest edtion out there.

  2. Customer Customer says:

    A good book overall, covers all that s needed for the ITEC VTCT Anatomy, Physiology Pathology course Get the latest version whenever you begin your studies as extra bits may be added Diagrams are clear and explanations concise enough to not confuse and thorough enough to get the point across.

  3. SLC SLC says:

    This is an extremely frustrating book, and I am appalled this is the textbook for the course my ITEC exam will be based on Having read only a handful of chapters I think a couple of statements are plain wrong, which means I have to google constantly to fact check as it is not trustworthy The information has been pared down to the point of often not being explanatory you just have to memorise what they say The meanings in some places are ambiguous The diagrams are often unclear It sometimes repeats definitions very close to each other, giving different definitions each time Typos have not all been corrected.

  4. Amy1 Amy1 says:

    Very good book for those wanting to learn the basic essentials of anatomy and physiology for the whole body I most definitely recommend this for first year medical students, trainee nurses, beauty therapists esthetians who want to really have a high level of knowledge I am a trainee aesthetician myself and it has so far been super helpful so I definitely had to leave a review So happy I purchased and it is definitely a bargain for the price It does not disappoint

  5. Kristy Kristy says:

    Great book for anatomy and physiology studies I m currently working towards my ITEC level 3 and this book contains all the basic info I have had to add to my knowledge with further reading, but I would recommend this book as a first look at the basics.

  6. Imogenrose12 Imogenrose12 says:

    This book is one of the course books for the ITEC massage course which i am taking It has everything you need in it, i would say that you will need maybe one other anatomy physiology book that goes into a little detail if you want to really learn everything well I only say that because this is an introductory guide, so it doesnt go into the same detail as that of the medical books used for nurse training such as the ross and wilson anatomy and physiology books It is a very good book and has helped me learn a lot already I would recommend it.

  7. Cristina Levinaite Cristina Levinaite says:


  8. bluejellybaby bluejellybaby says:

    I am currently studying Massage Therapy at college and one of the books we needed was this one By Louise Tucker Not wanting to spend a crazy amount by buying from our supplier at college, I checked Trusty and behold there it was Cheaper but exactly the same book It says an Introductory Guide but it is in depth than it seems It has everything I need to learn for college plus If you are studying Spa Therapy or any other similar course than this may be the book for you It also includes a pass for you to use online and you are able to test yourself too The Illustrations inside are very helpful when you are a beginner and the words aren t complicated either I would definitely recommend this book over others at the moment If you are worried about carrying this book around, don t be It s not heavy and doesn t have a million pages.

  9. Customer Customer says:

    This book has the same full page ad for their online resources every 8 pages or so it ends up being in the book about 25 or 30 times I found this really distracting and distasteful I ve never seen a nonfiction reference book with ads like this and found it jarring whenever I tried to use the book It made it feel like I was looking at a magazine but I was trying to study.I took an Anatomy and Physiology course and bought this as a supplement There were some helpful pages but I found that it was too generalized to help me in my course as it lacked a significant amount of the of info I was responsible for knowing I could see how this would be useful as a general guide or intro but was not helpful for what I needed.

  10. JM JM says:

    Love this new version.

  11. Natasha Porter Natasha Porter says:

    Great study aid for my beauty therapy course Easy to read and great illustrations make learning a breeze Thank you

  12. Customer Customer says:

    brillliant book its so simple although some notes are missing so i will have to research it onliine thank u

  13. S S says: