This bestselling guide to the basic theory, skills and applications of cognitive behaviour therapy is fully updated to reflect recent developments in CBT theory It includes in depth material on working with diversity, and new case studies and exercises to help you reflect and explore how theory can be used to develop effective practice The Companion Website features overvideos illustrating the CBT skills and strategies discussed in the book, including Measuring CBT s effectiveness Socratic method and applications Physical techniques and behavioural experiments Applications of CBT to specific client disorders Using supervision in CBT Really sueful guide for those starting out learning about CBT Fairly easy to follow, if a little dry. I used this study book to support my Cbt studies It covered most areas of the therapy and practices And as it s an introductory book it was not too complicated to follow. I thought this book was well written I also think it is the most concise book on CBT It has all the relevant information and is an excellent text book. Useful for those studying therapy counselling Does what it says on the tin Great online resources too Clear and informative written in accessible format Recommended for students starting Cbt training or for health professionals who want to learn about Cbt Came sealed in plastic, has thick, sturdy pages I needed this book for my Master s degree, and while I ve only just started reading it, I find it well written and easy to follow The paperback version doesn t come with the bonus material, so you have to purchase that separately if you really want it Looking forward to seeing what all this book has to offer. this is a subject that seems to have become very popular recently about how you respond to different situations and changing improving your behavior and maintaining control i got it to support some stuff happening at work but i think a lot of the learning can easily be applied to your personal life well worth it. Bought the paperback version of this book and it came printed upside down and backwards, with words cut off on some pages After the front cover of the book comes the very last page that should be read, so the book must be read from right to left and upside down Pictures are attached for proof and further clarification I am very disappointed, as this is such an inconvenience Hoping to get in contact with the seller for a refund or new book that is printed properly.