Begin Your Supernatural Journey into the Courts of Heaven What does it mean to make your case in the courts of Heaven In recent years, God has raised up Robert Henderson as a prophetic voice, calling Christians to pursue breakthrough by using the courts of Heaven prayer blueprint God iswilling to answer our prayers than we will ever know The problem is that we face a legalistic accuser and adversarythe devilwho wants to prevent these prayers from coming to pass Your victory against him is not fought on a battlefield its won in the courtroom When your prayers are answered, Gods purposes are fulfilled on the Earth In this all new message, Henderson gives you practical keys that will enable you to boldly access the courts of Heaven and state your prayer cases with confidence You will Understand the three dimensions of prayerDiscover thekeys to unlocking your breakthrough in the courts of HeavenLearn theprophetic declarations that Jesus blood makes on your behalfCancel the devils accusations by releasing the supernatural power of your testimonyLearn how to access the courts of Heaven, make your case, and watch as prayers are answered, miracles are released, and long awaited breakthroughs come to fruition

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