Great This is one of the most beautiful collections of poetry I ve had the good fortune to discover I recommend this to anyone who feels the average day could use a little silver lining beautiful book Some good, some mediocre this is the book I most cherish in my personal library In fact it s the only book that stays off the shelf, it lives It s on my living room table or by the bathtub or by my bed.It is where I go anytime I feel exhausted or disconnected and in need of truth and beauty Is is also such a wonderful gift for people who you know will be able to appreciate it not just the beauty of Rilke s poetry, but the amazing and special translation work of Barrows and Macy A true gem Il ne s agit que d une collection d extraits choisis parmi les livres de Rilke pr c d s d une sorte d introduction l ensemble d une longueur moyenne Les extraits sont bien s r tous int ressants et pour cause mais celui qui s int resse Rilke les aura sans doute d j lus dans les textes int graux Il n apprendra donc rien.On est dans la ligne d un best of avec une citation par jour de l ann e comme les diteurs anglo saxons les affectionne plut t que d un essai construit avec des commentaires en relation avec chaque extrait Apr s tout, pourquoi pas Je ne peux pas le d conseiller, mais tout a a un c t nettement amateur et une forte tendance kawai d autant que les citations de Rilke concernant dieu restent hors contexte De mon point de vue, autant aller vers les textes int graux et s y tenir. One of the most beloved poets of the twentieth century, Rainer Maria Rilke is widely celebrated for his depth of insight and timeless relevance He has influenced generations of writers with his classic Letters to a Young Poet, and his reflections on the divine and our place in the world are disarmingly profound A Year with Rilke provides the first ever reading from Rilke for every day of the year, including selections from his luminous poetry, his piercing prose, and his intimate letters and journals Rilke is a trusted guide amid the bustle of our daily experience, reflecting on such themes as impermanence, the beauty of creation, the voice of God, and the importance of solitude With new translations from the editors, whose acclaimed translation of Rilkes The Book of Hours won an ardent readership, this collection reveals the depth and breadth of Rilkes acclaimed work