Helpful though a little heavy on the religious aspect This to be expected knowing Lewis s background Grief is very individual and his experience having married someone already having been diagnosed with cancer was different from mine as I had been married 34 years and the cancer was the bolt from the blue for my husband and I Lewis showed a different kind of courage than most bereaved people need but nevertheless was a consoling read. This book is quite deep and although it s about the loss of his wife bereavement which I thought would maybe give me a bit of an understanding into my grief, it was him questioning his religious beliefs, so didn t really find it helped. I was first signposted to this book nearly 18 years ago by a bereavement counsellor Maxine who helped than she knew or I ever told her At the time I really couldn t see my way out of almost stifling grief but she gave me a copy of this book and suggested I read it and pop a yellow sticky in the pages that most resonated with me.A month or so on she suggested I re read it and do the yellow sticky thing again and already I could see I was moving on if only through the stages of grief at that time I hadn t believed it possible.Several readings later loads yellow stickies and months passed and I finally understood what she d been hoping for.As hard as it seems and as hard as it is to see we do all move from where we started.I found some of the book especially the religious bits hard going and skipped over them whilst appreciating even at the time that they might bring some comfort to others.CS Lewis wrote this book after the death of his love portrayed in the film Shadowlands and despite being a rather restrained individual and theology boffin went on to care for her son and from there we get the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe series which made many kids like me really enjoy books.I still have that original copy with all of the yellow stickies and treasure it always as it tells my journey back to the land of the living far better than I could I ve also bought copies for and passed on the yellow sticky advice on a very few appropriate occasions in the last 18 years It has always helped.A truly great book inspirational and untold help.If you ever find yourself in need of such a prop well worth buying and whilst the paper version and the yellow stickies tried and tested bookmarks or notes on kindle probably do the same thing.I ve just looked it out again on the recent death of a close friend s husband and will be passing on a copy again. I lost my beloved wife two years ago to cancer she was 62 I am a christian and have received a lot of support from friends at church However grief was a subject that was never really discussed and comments like well at least she is with the lord now didm t really help Anyway I have an aversion to to cliches and platitudes no matter how well meant However this little book although has had me in floods of tears shows a real understanding of grief and helps me understand my grief Although my wife died two years ago you learn to adjust and suppress grief because it is a private experience which you don t necessarily want to inflict on anybody else This may be a typically male reaction to grief but to read the words of this great man who shared and understood my pain and I his is a life affirming and faith affirming experience Everyone grieving for the loss of a loved one should read this book I will most certainly recommend to anyone suffering the effect of the loss of a very loved one All the emotions and pain connected with the subject is well expressed You get the feeling that you are not alone and that a lot of people are experiencing the same when a going through the process Lots of questions and answers on different perspectives of emotions.I enjoyed reading this small book You may find it even interesting to read it at least a couple of times. There is a very strong contrast between this essay and Lewis s philosophical studies, such as Mere Christianity which, though regarded as populist at the time, is quite heavy going The Lewis of A Grief Observed is very human and there is a raw and convincing emotion as he struggles with the apparent injustice of his bereavement Nobody had told him, he says, that grief felt like fear He s also angry with God for granting him some happiness and then seemingly snatching it away He struggled, not with the existence of God, but with whether God was good There is great humanity in this writing. A Grief Observed comprises the reflections of the great scholar and Christian on the death of his wife after only a few short years of marriage Painfully honest in its dissection of his thoughts and feelings, this is a book that details his paralysing grief, bewilderment and sense of loss in simple and moving prose Invaluable as an insight into the grieving process just as much as it is as an exploration of religious doubt, A Grief Observed will continue to offer its consoling insights to a huge range of readers, as it has for over fifty years A classic of the genre, a literary answer to the pain of loss Robert McCrum